West Midlands

This page provides information concerning the West Midlands regional forum.

Herefords Shrops Staffs Warks Worcs
Reps on RF A N Other A N Other A N Other A N Other A N Other
CAN contacts Len Granger & Terry Prosser Ian Dinwiddy Craig Chappell Nigel Orrett & Steve Hubbard Bett Dryhurst
ESR Council rep Mark Chamberlain Ian Dinwiddy Craig Chappell Steve Hubbard Nick Carter

Regional forum Chair: Ian Dinwiddie, Secretary Alan Batchelor
Regional forum rep on CAG: Bett Dryhurst
ESR Participation Manager: John Davis (Shrops, Staffs, Warks, Worcs) & Natalie Davis (Herefords)

Information from Regional Forum
e.g. Agenda from 1st meeting

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