CAN Consultants are volunteers recruited from and through the County Associations, whose role is to act as a focal point for views and information from the network on their chosen activity, summarise opinions about how to promote that activity and, having discussed them with the relevant member(s) of England Squash staff, putting proposals to the network via email to CAN or at a CAN meeting.

We also have some volunteers prepared to act as Advisors to County Associations on specific topics. They are included below:

Activity Consultant Contact
ES Articles of Association Andrew Beeston email
ES Affiliation and Membership Vickie Prow email
Promoting Participation Volunteer required Mike C pro tem
Junior Prom and Competition Paul Main email
Adult Competitions and Events Volunteer required Mike C pro tem
IT Richard Bickers email
ES Marketing Roger Kenyon email
Promotion of Coaching Mike Clemson Mike C pro tem
Promotion of Refereeing Mike Clemson Mike C pro tem
Growing the Network Volunteer required Mike C pro tem
Squash57/Racketball Patrick Osborn email


Junior Event Accreditation & Process Design – Alec Livingstone

Grant Application Advice (SE and Lottery) – Paul Abel

Registering as a CIO }
CA Insurance }
CA Development Plans } – Richard Antcliff
Tournament Software }
County Levy }

If you feel that you have something to offer other County Associations, or could assist one of the Consultants or Advisors, please contact Mike Clemson

If you have any general comments or suggestions for the County Associations Network, please contact Mike or the Chairman, Alan Batchelor